Regional Odontodysplasia (Ghost Teeth)

شرح مختصر بيماري
A developmental disturbance of several adjacent teeth in which the enamel and dentin are thin and irregular and fail to adequately mineralize;
 surrounding soft tissue is hyperplastic and contains focal accumulations of spherical calcifications and odontogenic rests.
نماهاي باليني
not adequately mineralized; enamel and dentin are soft, thin and irregular associated with vascular nevi
          usually unilateral
          irregular surface contour with pitting and grooves on small teeth
          yellowish leathery brown in color
          affects teeth sequentially in one or two quadrants
          affects both the primary and permanent dentitions
          any tooth, maxilla anterior most common
نماهاي راديو گرافيك
much less radiodensity
          thin layers of enamel and dentin
          indistinguishable CEJ
          faint, fuzzy outline
          Ghost Teeth appearance
          enlarged pulp chamber
          enlarged canals
          wide open apices
          short and stubby roots
          periapical abscess often present
          widened PDL

يافته هاي لابراتوری

تشخيص افتراقي
 amelogenesis imperfecta
          dentinogenesis imperfecta
          dentinal dysplasia type I and type II
          shell teeth
          Turner's teeth
local ischemia
بافت منشا
tooth enamel and dentin
نماهاي هيستولوژيك
abnormally formed dentine, enamel cementum, & pulp
          irregular mineralization; hypoplastic changes
روندپاتولوژيك عمده
 hypoplasia; hypocalcification
endodontic treatment; prosthetic restoration; extraction

رژيم غذايي

توصيه هاي خاص


پيش آگهي
 if untreated, teeth are prone to caries and fracture easily

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Other Names: 
Ghost Teeth

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