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یازدهمین کنگره انجمن پریودنتولوژی ایران
5 تا 7 بهمن 1390- تهران

پیام رئیس کنگره
مفتخرم به اطلاع همکاران محترم برسانم انجمن پریودنتولوژی ایران در نظر دارد یازدهمین همایش علمی خود را با تم "How dental implantology ends to periodontology" و با حضور بزرگترین و مشهورترین دانشمندان علم پریودنتولوژی جهان در 5-7 بهمن ماه 1390 برگزار نماید.
مهمترین محورهای علمی این همایش شامل: مروری بر مبانی پریودنتولوژی و ایمپلنتولوژی، پری ایمپلنتایتیس، تکنیک های جدید علم پریودنتولوژی و بسیاری از عناوین روز این علوم می باشد.
از مشخصات خاص این همایش می توان به سخنرانی و کارگاه های چندین دانشمند برجسته جهان از جمله پروفسور Tarnow، Salama، Renever و Deporter اشاره نمود. محققین ایرانی نیز تازه ترین یافته ها و پژوهش های علمی خود را ارایه خواهد داد.
همچنین علاوه بر برنامه علمی سه روزه همایش، روز قبل و بعد از همایش نیز دوره های پیشرفته پریودنتولوژی زیر نظر دانشمندانی چون دکتر Salama و Tarnow برگزار می گردد. بدین وسیله از تمامی علاقمندان جهت شرکت در این همایش علمی دعوت به عمل می آید تا با مراجعه به سابت همایش از جزئیات نحوه شرکت در همایش مطلع گردند.

به امید دیدار
دکتر پیمان شهیدی

The 11th Meeting of the Iranian Academy of Periodontology
25-27 Jan 2012

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Iranian Academy of Periodontology, it gives me a great pleasure to invite you to the 11th meeting of the Iranian Academy of Periodontology to be held in Tehran on January 24-28, 2012.
This is a very special occasion as we have invited world-renowned speakers and outstanding Iranian speakers chosen on the basis of their high expertise and ability to contribute valid scientific and clinical information for the treatment of patients. The scientific program has been designed to address contemporary practical and relevant issues that concern clinicians. New and developing innovations and research will also be presented during an exciting five days of programming. The meeting will be held on 25-27. The special courses will launch a day before the meeting (pre-meeting) on Jan 24 and will last the day after the meeting (post- meeting) on 28. The Academy offers hot topic courses to cover different aspects of our meeting theme “How Dental Implantology ends to Periodontology” by Dr Dennis Tarnow, Dr. Maurice Salama, Dr. Stefan Renvert and Dr. Douglas Deporter.
The 11th meeting of Iranian Academy of Periodontology provides a unique opportunity to meet and exchange views with colleagues from around the world, and to visit the latest products and services offered by exhibitors and sponsors displayed in the International Exhibition Hall.
I anticipate a fruitful meeting; therefore please join us for what will surely be an outstanding and interesting program at the attractive venue in Tehran, and to experience the world renowned warm and friendly Persian hospitality.
In January the weather in Tehran is cool and you can enjoy Climbing & skiing (Based on Weather) in north of Tehran or swimming on Kish Island via a one-hour flight.  Historic tours and tours of the Shah’s palaces and special tours of the country and historical sites such as tours of Isfahan and Shiraz can also be arranged upon request. The organizing committee will help all participants for visa arrangements. Accommodation will be available at the venue of the meeting at Olympic Hotel in addition to the other high level hotels in Tehran. We are whole-heartily looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Peyman Shahidi, DDS, MScD
11th  Meeting,
Iranian Academy of Periodontology

About meeting
You are invited to participate(s) in the International and 11th meeting of the Iranian Academy of Periodontology to be held in Tehran on January 25-27, 2012.
We have scheduled outstanding didactic educational and scientific programming covering the full scope of topics of our specialty.
The meeting promises an exciting exchange of basic and clinical science providing novel insights into the discipline of Periodontology.
Our conference theme, “How Dental Implantology end to Periodontology”, explores the wide ranging, all encompassing nature of the way our profession provides care to our patients and supports health care in our local, regional and international communities.

Main Speakers
Dr. Tarnow
Dr. Renvert
Dr. Salama
Dr. Deporter
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