Early-Age Orthodontic Treatment | کتاب

Early-Age Orthodontic Treatment | کتاب

    Early-Age Orthodontic Treatment
    Aliakbar Bahreman, DDS, MS 

    This book presents readers with the information necessary to understand the morphogenesis of orthodontic problems, to differentiate among various conditions, and to apply early intervention approaches to optimal effect. Through the integration of basic science and clinical practice, detailed case reports, and abundant illustrations, the author:

    • Provides an overview of dental development, from tooth formation to permanent occlusion.

    • Emphasizes the developmental stages that must be recognized during patient examination to facilitate differential diagnosis.

    • Presents clear, step-by-step instructions for different treatment options.

    • Demonstrates the benefi ts achieved by intervention in developing malocclusions and guidance of eruption.

    The discussions in part 1 on the concept of early-age treatment and the basic foundation of occlusal development empower practitioners to detect anomalies and intervene as necessary. Part 2 consists of chapters explaining the ontogeny, diagnosis, and early detection of, as well as the proper intervention for, nonskeletal problems. Part 3 includes chapters on early intervention for dentoskeletal problems in the sagittal, transverse, and vertical dimensions. This book cuts through the controversy surrounding early versus late treatment and shows that clinicians must decide on a case-by-case basis when to provide
    orthodontic treatment.
    Orthodontic Treatment
    Available Spring 2013

    Aliakbar Bahreman, DDS, MS
     Clinical Professor
     Orthodontic and Pediatric Dentistry Programs
     Eastman Institute for Oral Health
     University of Rochester
     Rochester, New York

    Foreword by J. Daniel Subtelny vii
    Preface and Acknowledgments viii–ix
    Introduction x
    Part I Clinical and Biologic Principles of Early-Age
    Orthodontic Treatment 1
    1 Rationale for Early-Age Orthodontic Treatment 3
    2 Development of the Dentition and Dental Occlusion 15
    3 Examination, Early Detection, and Treatment
    Planning 41
    Part II Early-Age Orthodontic Treatment of Nonskeletal
    Problems 71
    4 Space Management in the Transitional Dentition 73
    5 Management of Incisor Crowding 105
    6 Management of Deleterious Oral Habits 131
    7 Orthodontic Management of Hypodontia 157
    8 Orthodontic Management of Supernumerary Teeth 189
    9 Diagnosis and Management of Abnormal Frenum
    Attachments 205
    10 Early Detection and Treatment of Eruption
    Problems 225
    Part III Early-Age Orthodontic Treatment of Dentoskeletal
    Problems 291
    11 Management of Sagittal Problems
    (Class II and Class III Malocclusions) 293
    12 Management of Transverse Problems
    (Posterior Crossbites) 355
    13 Management of Vertical Problems
    (Open Bites and Deep Bites) 377
    Index 417

دکتر علی اکبر بهرمان، دندان پزشک، متخصص ارتدنسی

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